Learn How to Change Address in Aadhar Card

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If You want to update or change any data like address, date of birth, name, Gender or Langage or Mobile Number on your adhaar card So just Check this Article and follow these steps.

Change Address in Aadhar Card Step by Step

Step 1

Search Aadhar on google search, and you will find uidai.gov.in. Click on it.

Step 2

Click on My Aadhar and find Update Demographics data& Check Status on Update you Adhaar Menu. Tap on it.

Step 3

See this Image for help and tap on the Login Option.

Step 4

 Yow needs to fill your adhaar number and Captcha and then press generate OTP; remember otp will go to the registered number, which is updated on adhaar.

Step 5

A new page will be open, and Find Update Aadhar online and tap on it.

Step 6

Please read the following steps to understand the online update process. Follow the actions suggested at various steps to avoid any delay in processing or rejection of the request.


Select the demographics field to update from the list. Through this online portal, you can update your Name (minor correction only), Date of Birth(DOB), Gender, Language, and Address. For a mobile numbers, email, and biometrics data, please visit the nearest Aadhaar, Seva Kendra.


Please enter the required demographic data. Some of the demographic data require selection from the dropdown list. Please be careful while entering the demographics data or selecting from the dropdown options.


Name (minor correction only), Address, and Date of Birth correction requires a scanned copy of the original supporting document. Please make sure that the supporting document is in your Name and valid. If you provide a certificate in UIDAI standard format, please check for common mistakes like Issue date, Crossed sign, Stamp across Photo, and No Overwriting to avoid rejection of the request.


You have to pay ₹ 50 (Rupees fifty only) towards the online update fee. You can make the payment through a credit/debit card or net banking. This amount is non-refundable. In case of payment failure, you can retry the payment.


You will obtain a Service Request Number (SRN) as a reference. Preserve this number to track the update request or for any future communication with the UIDAI helpdesk.


Your request will be verified by our internal quality check operators. At this stage provided demographics data will be checked against the supporting document. If there is a mismatch, your request is likely to be rejected.


On completion of the quality check process, you will receive an SMS notification containing the Enrolment ID an outcome.


After a few more validations by our backend software, your request processing will be completed. You will get an SMS notification on the outcome.


The entire update process takes 5~7 days to complete. However, we are improving our systems, and in most likelihood, your request would be updated earlier to the mentioned time. You can check the status of the request processing by visiting myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in.

Step 7

Here you Here you can see all your Data; whatever you want to Update, just select those and tap on Proceed to update Aadhar

Step 8

Now Update your new address and upload any supporting documents after selecting document proof for the new address update.

Step 9

You can choose any supporting doc from this drop-down menu.

Step 10

Now fill the one more captcha and validate with OTP and click make payment. You will redirect to Bank Transaction Page.

Step 11

Now select your Payment Method and pay 50rs only, and The entire update process takes 5~7 days to complete.

Just follow these steps, and you can change and update your address or any information on Aadhar.

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