Learn How to Gain Followers on Twitter

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Learn methods to increase your Twitter audience organically by analyzing and optimising your performance, improving your profile and many more. Here we talk about main Six ways you can get new Twitter followers and grow your audience. Even if you are new to Twitter or you’re a veteran, you might learn something new about it.

How to get new followers on Twitter

  • Make Your Twitter Profile attractive
  • Be consistent
  • optimize and Analyze your Twitter performance
  • Be polite and interact with others
  • Twitter’s algorithm
  • Leverage your audiences outside of Twitter

How to get new followers into your social circle. First, we’re going to learn how to make your profile stand out and be consistent intelligently.
Then we’re going to learn how to analyze and optimize your performance, ways you can interact with your current audience to boost engagement. Then, we’re going to learn how Twitter’s algorithm works, and finally, we are going to learn how to leverage our other audiences from outside of Twitter.

Make Your Twitter Profile attractive

We want to make sure that our profile picture is high-resolution and stands out because first impressions mean everything. If you’re a business or organization, you probably want to use a picture of someone. People like to interact with humans on Twitter and not so many companies.

A logo works when it’s clear and straightforward, but people like speaking to humans on social media. So a personable profile photo is going to go a long way.

Make Your Twitter Profile attractive

The next thing someone sees is your header photo or Cover Picture, so you want to make it stand out. If you don’t have graphic design skills, put a nice image that will calm people down because social media is usually hectic. If you want to do something more, you can add something like a quote that speaks about you or your company.

You could also introduce yourself and say who you work for and your position with your company logo in the background. Not only that, but you can add company information like a recent campaign because it’s free advertising after all!

follower vs. following ratio on Twitter

The last point on a perfect profile is that you want to have a good follower vs. following ratio.
It would be best to follow fewer people than how many followers you have because it will show everyone that you have valuable information to share.

Be consistent but dont Tweet too much

The sweet spot is posting 2-6 times a day on Twitter. If you only post once a day on Twitter, not everyone is going to see your tweets, and if you post more than six times, you’ll be bombarding people with too much information.

Be consistent but dont Tweet too muc

Not only that, but you will have to do so much more research on what you share because you always want to be providing good value to everyone. You can go even further by testing out what type of content your audience likes to see. Maybe you’ll post a poll on Wednesday, a question on Friday, and some GIFs between.

So ask the question, who is your audience, and what do they do differently?

If you were them, what would be the best information that you want to see from you? You must remember that people are usually on Twitter for around 3 minutes a day. So when you post, you want to make sure that you reach the most of your audience at their peak activity times. If you don’t have the time to decipher analytics, using social media monitoring tools will be the best way to get the most out of your effort.

Not only will you learn more about your audience, what they’re into, and what they’re discussing at the moment, but you’ll get actionable intelligence to help you decide on how to strategize next. Your relevant information that’s specific to your audience.

Optimize and Analyze your Twitter performance

So let’s talk about how to analyze our performance. Because social media algorithms are constantly changing, you can stay ahead on Twitter by using suggested hashtags that will help you get more impressions, and you can do that right now with the link.

Hashtag generator

Now, here is an excellent method to analyzing your Twitter performance.
It’s called the A/B strategy. Essentially how this works is you have subset A with a specific type of content, then you’ll have subset B where you’ll tweak that content just a bit, and then you’ll weigh which one works better.

Now, the next method to analyzing your Twitter performance is optimizing your posting times. Because your audience is only active for around 3 minutes, we want to make this count. This means optimizing when you post your tweets is the difference between a great, and a mediocre outreach.

Next, let’s learn how we can interact better with our current audience. After all, they call it social media for a reason. Start looking through your following and identify influencers and leaders in your niche that you can collaborate with.

Even if you’re too busy for collaboration, you can interact with these leaders because they’ll have an audience that shares the same interests as yours. Also, when your Twitter presence is personable and conversational, you’ll increase engagement and grow naturally.

Twitter’s algorithm

Next, let’s understand the Twitter algorithm.

Twitter’s algorithm

It’s pretty simple, and Twitter wants to show you accounts and tweets that have a lot of followers, retweets, profile clicks, likes, and impressions. So if you manage to hit all those boxes, you’ll be shown to the most people. Another thing to know is that keywords are analyzed by 3rd party platforms. This means that not only do hashtags show people what you’re talking about but also the specific keywords you use. But in the end, it’s best to know how to use hashtags properly and make sure they’re relevant to your audience.

But this doesn’t mean use a thousand hashtags, and Twitter recommends that if you use more than three hashtags, you’ll have a 17% decline in engagement – so 2 is the sweet spot. Even though Twitter is a text-based platform, videos are retweeted six times more than photos. So you want to make sure that everything is visual.

Another aspect of providing rich content is sticking to the 20/80 rule. It’s recommended that you post valuable content to your audience 80% of the time and only stick to self-promotion 20% of the time. This standard will ensure that your audience always knows that you provide great value and that you’re worth following.

Leverage your audiences outside of Twitter

Leverage your audiences outside of Twitter

Our final method to making sure that we gain new Twitter followers is by drawing in your audiences from other platforms. Now, this could be anything. It could be your YouTube channel or maybe an Instagram account. But also, don’t neglect your email list.

An easy way to converge these audiences is by putting your Twitter handle in your emails. If you want to draw in your other audiences to Twitter, you can do stuff like this.
Make a YouTube video or make a post on Instagram, and invite people to go to your desired platform. For example, throughout the video, I’ve been showing you that I have more information to give in my blog post that you can click in the description below.

This will make sure that your audience goes to your website or your other platforms to see all that you have to share.

I hope you learned something, and if you did, let me know in the comments below!

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