PM Modi Addressed People Today to Repeal Agriculture Law

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On the occasion of DEV DIPAWALI FESTIVAL Pm Modi addressed people, he said KARTARPURA SHAHEB COLLIDOOR has opened again after 1.5year.

He said to Indian Citizen about the 1,62,000cr which he transferred directly to the bank account of the small farmers to fulfill their need.

He also said the Agricultural budget has increased 5 times of the central government and every year more than 115,000 lakh is expending on agriculture by the government.

Government has started to provide credit advantage to the farmers who does fisheries.

Most important part in today’s speech of Prime Minister is that the government has taken decision to repeal the three agriculture law. It is going to repeal the three law at the end of this month i.e. November’21.

One more decision has taken in the favor of farmers to change the crop pattern from the scientific way. One committee will made to make MSP moreeffective andtransparent and in this committee farmer, Agricultural scientist, central government, state government, Agricultural economics will be present there.

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