What is National Education Day in INDIA

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National Education day is celebrated on 11th Nov on the occasion of Abdul Kalam Azad’s Birthday. He born on 15,oct,1931.

Know About Abdul Kalam

He was well educated person with the great knowledge that’s why people choose him as a education minister.

Abdul Kalam Azad was first education minister in India. he was from Rameswaram. His father was not wealthy person but most respected person in Rameswaram. If anybody had any problem he must come to Abdul kalam’s father. As his father was not wealthy he started selling newspaper to complete his study and he earned money.


When a child asked to the Abdul Kalam Ajad the SUCCESS MANTRA  in life then he answered 4 tips about success i.e.

  1. Great aim in life
  2. Continuously acquire knowledge
  3. Hard work
  4. Pecifier and succeed.s

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